16 Lap Adult Race

Karts go 45 M.P.H. & you must be 18 years or older to participate

$20.00 for members / $25.00 for non-members

11 Lap Junior Race

Karts go about 25 M.P.H. & you must be at least 50″ tall to participate

$15.00 for members / $20.00 for non-members


Member 2 Races for $25.00*

Non-member 2 Races for $30.00*

Monday – Thursday 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

*Not valid on holidays. Cannot be combined with any other discount. Specials are subject to change anytime.

All racers must sign a Waiver & Release of Liability Form.

Racers less than 18 years of age need a parent or legal guardian to sign a Parental Consent Waiver & Release of Liability Form.

Annual Membership – $40 per year

  • A free race at sign up!
  • 1 free birthday race – can be redeemed once, anytime during the week of your birthday!
  • Race discounts & specials for the year.
  • Racer’s Edge t-shirt (Add $10.00)
  • 5 Races for $85.00
  • 8 Races for $110.00
  • 11 Races for $135.00

*Valid everyday for Members and Non-members. Races cannot be transferred or shared.

  • We accept reservations for groups of 4 or more with a 100% non-refundable deposit. Deposit may be used towards a future date if your group cancels.
  • We do not accept any daily deal vouchers towards the payment of reservations, parties or corporate events.
  • Payment for races must be completed before we can issue a race, and give an estimated wait time for you and your party.
  • All coupons, discounts and deal vouchers must be redeemed before races can be issued. If you plan to leave and return, please redeem your voucher with a cashier before you leave.

*Deposits are required for private facility rentals and parties, and are non-refundable if event/party is canceled within 2 weeks of scheduled date. No penalty for rescheduling.

Monday – Thursday: $1,350.00/hr

Friday – Sunday: $1,850.00/hr

  • Includes unlimited racing for all guests.
  • Up to 200 guests.
  • Closed to the public.
  • Soft drinks plus refills for all guests.
  • Custom catering options are available, please call for details.
  • Price Per Racer for two 16 Lap races: $25.00.
  • Valid at anytime!


*Active Duty Police Officers, Firefighters All Active Armed Forces & Veterans

*MUST present Drivers License & Photo ID Badge No Exceptions!

*Only applies to service person.

  • The first racer to complete either 16 laps or 11 laps will end the race. Slower or less experienced racers may not complete all 16 or 11 laps, depending upon their skill level.
  • Safety Policy: Safety is our top priority and our height requirement and 1st time Junior Racer Requirements are enforced.
  • All racers must be at least 50 inches tall to race.
  • First time Junior racers 14 years of age or younger are required to complete a Junior race before advancing to full speed races (if their skill level permits).
  • Junior racers that safely complete a 32.2 second lap time may advance to full speed races.